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The Golden Bucks

Gina Marie &

"A masterful tribute to the world of American Music"

Pastures of Plenty - The Golden Bucks
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Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the gold of the day) - The Golden Bucs
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"The Golden Bucks" are a Chicago-based Americana project that blends the most iconic sounds of the American music experience. They choose a mix of Western Swing, Blues, Old Country, Rockabilly, Early Jazz, and Folk from the 20's through the early 60's. The result is a mix of the most pivotal musical influences from the American soundscape. 

"This year the surprise show-stealer was Gina and the Golden Bucks from Chicago....a blend that felt undeniably original and irresistibly moving while containing those subtle elements that feel familiar and relatable to every person in the room. Gina’s roots in jazz, country, early rock n roll, and bluegrass clearly shine through (with the help of the superb musicianship of the Golden Bucks), and with the added touch of class and sass she brings to the stage, it’s a no-brainer to invite her back. An absolute pro."

~Mountain Top Music Festival,           Wakefield MI
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