"I found myself alternating between repeatedly closing my eyes and listening - ah, the smooth and peacefulness - and looking up and watching Gina who appeared a still mesmerizing cross of Judy Garland, Lena Horne and Julie London."

You call everybody darlin' - Gina Marie Jazz Trio
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He'll have to cross the Atlantic - Gina Marie Jazz Trio
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Aaron Harris: Carolina Shout ep. 35 "True Crime" - Ethan Uslan
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Gina Marie DeGregorio, leader of the Gina Marie Jazz Trio, is a singer with a bold yet soothing sound. She specializes in the stylings of the famous swing era female crooners such as Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, and early Doris Day. Her trio includes Chicago legends Paul Asaro (Piano) and Jon Otto (clarinet/sax). Together they provide a sound that is both fresh and nostalgic delivered with captivating energy. They deliver popular as well as rediscovered songs from the Great American Songbook. 

Gina has performed at many classic and historic locations throughout Chicago including the Chicago Hilton Grand Ballroom, Coq D'Or Lounge, Drake Hotel Palm Court, and the legendary Green Mill Jazz Club, as well as repeat appearances at Caveaux De Huchette , Caveaux Des Oubliettes and Bateau Dauphne in Paris.

In addition to leading her own jazz trio, Gina is a full time drummer/vocalist with Paul Asaro and his Rhythm, Arranger and Mezzo Soprano with the Vintage vocal trio Chicago 'Swell Sisters, and Speakeasy Swing. She has also been a featured performer with The Flat Cats, The Swinging' Brothers in Bogota Columbia, Pies en la Tierra in Ecuador, The Paradise Harmonians, West End Jazz Band, and many others.


She has been a regularly featured vocalist on "The Carolina Shout" Podcast with Ethan Uslan, and is a passionate educator working to bring the early jazz tradition back into the mainstream jazz curriculum with her young as well as college-age students.